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- A gay furry dating sim. Aiming for over 100 playable characters. Dungeons and Sexy Dragons your pal Kaive. No depleting in-game currency every time you attempt to date a character, no in-game shop prompting you to buy more parts for your character. Try to break it, like seeing if the character will walk through walls or get stuck seems bulletproof to my attempts. In theory, this means if you move the character or look at an animation, it will take the same amount of time as it would if the fps were any other number.

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- Quickly Addressing Login Issue. November 27, 2018 in Website. I have been told the login and other things arent working. How can this be free? Also of note, curious if anyone has a monitor refresh rate of something other than 60 hertz. There must be a catch!

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- Amorous is a furry dating simulator which aims to provide a high quality graphic novel experience for free. Shake up the formula with animated NPCs, sandbox environments, real choices and interactive mini-games to keep you engaged. Avoid the normal pitfalls of dating games. Amorous, a bustling furry night club that invites you to explore it's neon lights and eccentric characters. My computer takes 129 (complex multi-part animating) sprites or 2,100 small (single-image) sprite objects. My computer hits 174 fps, am sure you can beat.

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- Avoid the normal pitfalls of dating. Find games tagged, dating Sim and, furry like Tennis Ace, B101, Wheeler Institute: Screening, Uncommon Breed (A. Furry, rPG dating sim why is this dragon so fucking cute? The idea is when your character stops, if youre near an object, a pop up will appear and click that to interact. About Amorous, thrust yourself to the front of the line.

Download test game here, quick game I made to test several things: fps, aiming for 60 pathfinding, for dungeon movement delta, what online games use so game time always runs consistently regardless of the fps. Full screen is 1080 resolution, windowed is 720. 9 fully datable characters, thousands of lines of dialogue with branching trees for replayability. end nerd talk, begin informal barks * still hyped about this game. From here, you can stress test: press up or right to create sprites until the FPS drops below. Dont want to build up expectations, but i think youll be pleasantly surprised. Mature Content Description, the developers describe the content like this: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content. nerd alert talk below. I think this is the ultimate solution regarding slower computers. Youre welcome to give it a try. Were getting a full-experience furporn rpg adventure, the likes of which we usually only see in text or pixel graphic games. Ranging from foxes to felines, male to female and everything in-between. Steam Achievements, steam Cloud (Coming soon).

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