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- Remote data storage and back -up providers encrypt the data and set up password protection to ensure maximum security. The safest method of backing up important data is to create multiple backups : to an external drive and also to an online storage service. Nowadays, external drives are reasonably priced. Carbonite Home 6 /mth, carbonite Business 24 /mth, manage every aspect of your backups Good level of security Not the cheapest service out there Carbonite Safe does deliver plenty for your money. If files stored with the backup are lost or deleted from the computer or device from which they originated, you can restore the files from the online backup service. Overall it's a likeable package, and if your budget is non-existent then also consider IDrive Personal.

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- About 10 months ago, I bought a 1TB external storage device for about 100. Online cloud storage can be a simple and worrying-free way of backing up your data. You're covered on PCs running anything from Windows 2000. Microsoft OneDrive is a backup and sync option intended to support the range of Office 365 apps. While many service providers concentrate on offering one distinct type of cloud/online cloud storage solution, Acronis True Image blends the two types of services to bring you a safe, scalable, easy and versatile way of storing your important data and files in the cloud.

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- There's Mac support, Linux backup scripts, iOS, Android and Windows mobile clients, and backup support for Windows Server, Microsoft SQL. Online Backup offers Peace of Mind There are many advantages of online data backup over making copies on CDs, external hard drives or USB flash sticks. Some of these advantages are quite obvious, others might not have crossed your mind. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage providers make it relatively easy to share files with anyone just by providing them a link to the files. Online backup, on the other hand, is a set and forget situation. However, as you use your device or system more, backup volume sizes can quickly grow large which leads to longer online backup times and increased bandwidth usage.

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- Additional Security Making copies to a USB thumb drive. Cloud Storage provides fast, low-cost, highly durable storage for data accessed less than once a month. Perfect for reducing the cost of backups and archives while still retaining immediate access. While a cloud storage solution generally cant provide true online backup features, it might be suitable if you need only to store or share a limited number of files or are not overly concerned with the security of your files. Some backup services also let you remotely access your files and share them from multiple devices, but that's not the main focus. Individual users may be disappointed by the limited 2GB of space offered in the free plan, though.

Hover over each image or link for a short description. Reliability and credibility of the service provider that you choose. Want your online files and folders to be synchronized between your system and the online service automatically. Choosing the Best Service Type for Your Needs If youre still having trouble trying to decide which type of backup or storage solution is best for you, dont be alarmed. There's even built-in support for BackBlaze's B2 cloud storage, an Amazon S3-like service which backs up servers and NAS for a flat 5 per terabyte per month. Nevertheless, there are some limitations and issues that can keep online backup services from being a fit for everyone. Poor Redundancy Options With an online backup service, any changes you make to files on your device or system are updated automatically whenever you run the application. While Dropbox and other online storage services' purpose is to make sure you can access individual files from multiple devices, online backup services are designed for full protection against data loss and (most importantly) recovering all of your. For each file, it's a decision to save them there or somewhere else. You can have continuous or scheduled backups. Carbonite can manage just about every aspect of your backups, keeping training and other hassles to a minimum.

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